Measure the Success of Your Components

Do you know how your design system is used over time? Which team and projects are using your components? Can you identify patterns to improve your components? How confident are you while updating a component?

Omlet can help you answer all of these questions — and then some.

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Some love, from early adopters..

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With Omlet we have a better idea of where and how our components are used, without going into codebase or terminal, which makes collaboration with designers much more efficient.

Hoshi’ki, Software Engineer, Design System

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Having built a similar tool in the past in order to prove a design system’s worth to stakeholders, I’m happy I can simply use Omlet now and spend more time building components instead.

Andre Luiz Rabello, Senior Frontend Engineer

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..data we collected during this stage helped us to secure a budget and rebuild our design system to be better and more flexible.

Steve Dennis, Product Design Lead

Usage Analytics

Data Without Hassle

Scan your codebase to collect usage data for your components — no need to build and maintain custom scripts

Out-of-the-box Charts

Start utilizing popular component adoption charts — including historical usage trends.

Flexible Analytics

Build custom charts to identify usage patterns and emerging trends to guide your design system work.

Component Database

Automatic Catalogue

Collect all your re-usable and custom components in a searchable catalogue, without any manual work, no more digging into code

Dependency Tree

Visualize where your components are used, be confident as you update them.

Dependency Tree
Dependency Tree

Does Omlet support my stack?

Omlet now supports React — Angular, Vue.js coming soon

…and who are we again?

Omlet is built by the crew behind Zeplin, a product that millions of designers and developers use. We felt the pain of managing components to ship products ourselves and have tackled the problem of design system adoption together with our users.

Evolve Design Systems with Analytics

Omlet is an analytics tool to help you measure the success of your design system and identify opportunities to improve it. Close the feedback loop to build great products.

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