Component analytics and insights for React

Measure production component usage to optimize your codebase and drive design system adoption.

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    With Omlet we have a better idea of where and how our components are used, without going into codebase or terminal, which makes collaboration with designers much more efficient.

    Hosh’ki Tsunoda
    Software Engineer, Design Systems
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    When I tried Omlet, it was magical. I had a dashboard in a couple of minutes with everything being tracked and visualized.

    Dan Mall
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    Having built a similar tool in the past in order to prove a design system’s worth to stakeholders, I’m happy I can simply use Omlet now and spend more time building components instead.

    Andre Luiz Rabello
    Senior Frontend Engineer

Try the demo playground

We built a demo playground using Proton’s open source design system. Hop in and play around with charts, components and so on!

Get Visibility

Instantly Measure Component (and prop) Adoption

Easily get instant usage analytics for your components. Understand how components across projects are adopted over time using ready to use charts.

Make Improvements

Evolve your Design System with Confidence

Make improvements to your design system based on real world data and historical trends.

Demonstrate Value

Prove Design System Impact

Provide tangible and measurable data to help demonstrate the value of your design system.

From the creators of Zeplin

Omlet is built by the crew behind Zeplin, a product that millions of designers and developers use. We felt the pain of managing components to ship products ourselves and have tackled the problem of design system adoption together with our users.

Does Omlet support my stack?

Omlet now supports React and React Native — Angular, Vue.js coming soon

Analyze your component usage today

Instantly visualize where your components are used in production.